Rayakottah, Krishnagiri

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Rayakottah also known as Rayakottai, is a town which houses a protected monument by the Archeological survey of India, the Rayakottah fort. The Rayakottah hill marks the periphery of the Palghat Plateau. An ancient fort that has seen and withstood numerous wars, currently in ruins is definitely worth a visit. The fort itself, not accessible by road, is a two hour hike from the bottom. The hike slowly takes the traveler away from the noise and pollution of city life.

Halfway through the hike is the Raykottah cave temple that is possibly as old as the fort itself. Onwards from the cave temple are brick structures that were possibly used to house ammunition or horses or maybe both. The summit of the fort has a giant lamp that locals light during festivals. The elevation of the fort makes for stunning views of the town, with water bodies and railway tracks meandering through town. The Rayakottah is not an extremely popular tourist destination, but for travelers seeking solitude with a little exercise thrown in, the fort makes for a perfect Sunday getaway.


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