Mallachandram, Krishnagiri

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Mallachandram, a protected site maintained by the Archaeological survey of India, in Tamil Nadu, is world renown for being the site of more than a hundred dolmens. A dolmen is a megalithic (large stone that is used to construct a structure) tomb. As the term megalithic suggests, the dolmens usually have a large capstone that is supported by three or more stone pillars. The structures however vary in their complexity and numbers across the world. Mallachandram has clusters of dolmens that were presumably used for the burial of families. One may observe a large dolmen surrounded by smaller dolmens in concentric circles.

Dolmens such as those found in Mallachandram are also found in Marayoor, Kerala. Dolmens however are not the only artifacts in Mallachandram, archaeologists have discovered stone paintings, cairn circles and urn burials in and around Mallachandram. Whilst the dolmens, cairn circle and urn burials are all related to death and after life, Mallachandram is a history enthusiast’s paradise. It is one of the very few places on planet earth that connect ancient history to modern day and keeps human kind connected beyond the realm of time and space.


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