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Temples in sandstone form a distinctive feature of Koppa's landscape. Koppal is more than 300 kilometers away from Bangalore and the town's temples have religious as well as architectural importance. The little town gets visitors throughout the year who come to marvel at its grand past.

A Look at Koppal's Attractions - Tourist places

The area was ruled by the Ganga, Hoysala dynasty and the Chalukyas. In recent history, it was under the rule of the Nizam of Hyderabad. The architecture at Koppal reflects the richness of its varied past.

The Mahadeva temple at Koppal is impressive and well known for its fine chiseling work. The temple was built by the Chalukyas and the inscriptions in it hail it as the Emperor of temples. Other famous temples include the Amriteshwara temple, Kashivishveshwara temple and the Dodda Bapassa temple.

Koppal also lies very close to the Hampi - a World Heritage Site and Anegundi. Anegundi has fascinating paintings that have survived from the Neolithic age.

How to reach Koppal

Koppal has excellent flight, train and bus connections. The nearest airport is at Hubli at a distance of 100 odd kilometers. Visitors can also travel to the Bangalore International Airport. Koppal has its own railway station, which is just around 2.5 kilometers away from the main tourist places. The Koppal bus station sees a steady flow of buses from different areas throughout the day.

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