Kukanoor, Koppal

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The small town of Kukanoor is home to many buildings from the medieval age, which is in ruins now. Kukanoor is also known for the presence of many ancient temples. Famous temples in Kukanoor include Navalinga temple, Kalleshwara temple, Mallikarjuna temple and Mahamaya temple. The Navalinga temple is famous for inscriptions and sculpture dating back to 9th century. As the name conveys, this temple has nine Sivalings. You can find the mention of another famous temple, Mahamaya temple in Kukanoor in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

Kukanoor is about 14 kms away from Koppal town and is in the Yelburga Taluk of the Koppal district. Kushtagi and Gangavathi are the nearest towns to Kukanoor other than Yelburga and Koppal. These cities are well connected to Kukanoor by road and bus services are quite frequent.

Hiring Taxis and auto-rickshaws aren't wallet-friendly but you can get to Kukanoor faster if you travel by them. Bannikopa station is the nearest railway station, about 7 miles from the town.

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