Kanakagiri, Koppal

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Kanakagiri is a nice village located in Gangavathi Taluk of Koppal district. Its old name was Suvarnagiri. It was a capital of the Southern province of Mauryan Empire. The Hill of Gold, Kanakagiri is also known for many ancient temples. The Kanakachalapathi temple is the most popular of them. It is known for its finest temple architecture and is a major attraction of this place.

The Phalguna annual fair in Kanakagiri is attended by a large number of devotees every year. The great Royal bath on the outskirts of the town is a place of historical importance and a local attraction. There is a common saying that those who have eyes should visit Kanakagiri and it is a testimony to the beauty of this place.

It lies about 37 Kms from Koppal. Gangavathi is the nearest town which is 16.7 kms away from Kanakagiri. This place is well connected to nearby places by road. If you travel by bus, you can definitely save some money compared to travelling by taxi or auto rickshaw.

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