Kinnal, Koppal

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Kinnal is one of the major towns in Koppal district. Every year many people visit Kinnal mainly for buying handicraft items. Population is comparatively small in Kinnal, but the local people in this town welcome visitors with great hospitality.

In addition to handicrafts, Kinnal is also one of the most prominent centers for lacquer ware. The traditional lacquer ware from Kinnal has great demand. You can see people indulged in weaving, pottery, making combs from horns and making all kinds of handicraft items. Skilled handicraft makers don't even mind teaching the visitors a few tricks about handicrafts.

Situated in Koppal Taluk in the Koppal district, the town of Kinnal is well connected by roads to the main city. It is 305 km away from Bangalore city. You can easily reach Kinnal by bus and train. Handicrafts and other materials like toys and pictures can be bought from Kinnal for a relatively cheaper price.

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