Gadag - A Magnificent Display of Chalukya Life

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Gadag is a like a slice of history tucked away in the western corner of Karnataka. The little town of 4656 square kilometers may not resound with the footfalls of visitors, but connoisseurs of Indian architecture will be fascinated by the different temple complexes that tower over the Gadag landscape.

What to See and Do in Gadag - Tourist Places in Gadag

Gadag's temples represent some of the best examples of Chalukyan art. The architecture has a very distinct style and the stone walls and carvings on the temple walls tell us stories of past grandeur.

One of the most popular sights in Gadag is the Trikuteshwara temple. It's not just the architecture that draws people here. The temple has a rare religious significance too as it has shrines dedicated to Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. Other temples that can be included during a visit to Gadag are the Veera Narayana, Dambala and the Kashivishveshwara temples.

But a visit to Gadag is not just about temples and architecture. Nature lovers can marvel at the rich biodiversity on view at the Magadi bird sanctuary. The sanctuary is around 26 kilometers from Gadag.

Gadag is well connected by train. The town has its own railway station and is linked to almost all parts of the country. However, the nearest airport is at Hubli, 64 kilometers away.

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