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Honnemardu is a wonderful getaway for those who love a taste of adventure and prefer water sports. The small village is located on the slopes of a hill close to the Honnemardu reservoir. The village is located in the Shimoga district and lies 379 kilometers from Bangalore.

Some Snippets About The Place

Honnemardu derived its name from the Honne tree. However, the literal meaning of 'Honnemardu' is 'Golden Lake'. This is perhaps a reference to the fact that Honnemardu is located on the backwaters of the Sharavathi river.

Tourist Places In And Around Honnemardu

One of the major attractions at Honnemardu is the island located in the middle of the reservoir. Overnight camping facilities are available here. The freshwater swimming pool and the huge forest area allow campers to indulge in rafting, swimming, and trekking. Nature walks through the forests give glimpses of several varieties of birds here.

A trip to Honnemardu would be incomplete without a visit to the Jog Falls. The 829-feet waterfall has its source in the Sharavathi River and is present in the same district. The Dabbe Falls, which is around 30 kilometers from Jog Falls, is also a must see.

How To Reach Honnemardu

The nearest railway station to Honnemardu is Shimoga. It is also possible to drive down from Bangalore. Local transport available includes coracles - a kind of boat and buses.

Best Time To Visit Honnemardu

The best time to visit the destination is during the autumn season.

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