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Shimoga, literally meaning 'The Face of Shiva', is a city that lies at a distance of about 275 kilometers from Bangalore. A part of the Malnad area as the locals call it, it lies straddling the Western Ghats and is well connected by road and rail to other towns and cities in the state, enabling easy travel.

Some Snippets About Shimoga

With five major rivers flowing through the district, the Shimoga region is very fertile and is called the 'bread basket of Karnataka' and the 'rice bowl of Karnataka'. The Sahyadri range keeps the rivers well supplied with ample rainfall almost perennially.

Locals call Shimoga 'Heaven on Earth' as it offers something for everyone. It has temples, hills, lush vegetation and the famous Jog Falls here is the highest waterfall in India.

 A Basket of Surprises for Tourists - Tourist Places in Shimoga

Shimoga is located near major tourist spots in Karnataka and tourists flock to Shimoga mainly to set up base before opting for other destinations.

Agumbe, which lies about 90 kilometers from Shimoga city, albeit part of the district, is famous for its Sunset Point. Tourists throng to the Sunset Point on clear days as the views are incredible amidst the dense forests and lush valleys dripping with rivers and waterfalls.

The dam built across the Tunga River in Gajanur, some 15 kilometers away, is also a popular picnic spot. Lion safaris are available to those interested in wildlife in Tyavarekoppa. Another dam built across the Bhadra River at 28 kilometers from Shimoga is one of the tallest in the state at almost 200 feet.

The famous Sringeri Sarada Mutt, one of the four Mutts started by the Saint Adishankara to protect Hinduism from the influences of Buddhism and Jainism, is located about 100 kilometers from Shimoga. Devotees throng the Mutt in their millions annually and this is a popular spot for pilgrims.

The Western Ghats offer unmatched nature walks and trails to those keen on them. The Agumbe area, which receives the second highest rainfall, is also famous for its unique Rain Forest Research Center, the only one in India, and is also the home of the King Cobra.

Best Season

July to January is the best time to visit Shimoga as the rains bring the district alive, with its rivers and waterfalls gushing in full force. There are many hotels and resorts that offer comfortable stay to all guests at reasonable rates in Shimoga, making it an ideal place to camp before embarking on other adventurous trails. Read about how to reach Shimoga.

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