Sakrebayalu Elephant camp, Shimoga

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Situated 14 kms from Shimoga town, the Sakrebayalu Elephant training camp attracts many visitors every year. The Gajanur dam site is a popular place near the Elephant camp. Orphaned baby elephants left by their herds are given shelter in this camp. The elephants in the camp are trained and tamed by experienced mahouts.

Sakrebayalu elephant camp is an ideal place to visit with children. Everybody will love the sight of majestic elephants from the camp taking a bath in River Tunga. Visitors are also allowed to play with the giant elephants in the water. Visiting time is from 8:30 AM till 11 AM.

This place is well connected by roads to nearby towns. Travelers can travel by buses, taxis or autos to reach Sakrebayalu elephant camp from Shimoga. Bus services regularly ply to Sakrebayalu from Shimoga. You can also plan to travel by train to Shimoga and then get to this place by road.

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