Kalasi, Honnemardu

A popular place to visit in Honnemardu, Kalasi is a town best known for its twin Shiva temples, namely Lord Neelakanteshwara Temple and Lord Mallikarjuna Temple. This town is situated 8 km from Sagara city and is connected to Jog Falls via Sorab Road. The two Shiva temples located here were built in 12th century by father-son duo of Jankana and Dakkana, who followed Hoysala architecture while creating both of them.

The larger of the two, Mallikarjuna Temple boasts of a Garbhagriha, Sukanasi, Rangamantapa and Basavamantapa. Tourists can enter the temple through three entries, which are located in three different directions. It is situated 30 ft away from Neelkanteshwara Temple and has the same star-shaped plinth and roof that its neighbouring temple has. The Garbhagriha of Neelakanteshwara Temple has a Gopura on top. While travelling through this place of worship, travellers will come across a statue of Goddess Bhuvaneswari and the Hoysala seal.

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