Trikuteshwara Temple Complex, Gadag

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Trikuteshwara Temple, a popular Saivite temple is in the town of Gadag in North Karnataka. A unique sight in this temple is the three Sivalings mounted on a single stone. On the eastern side of this temple are three Lingas representing Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Trikuteshwara temple is mostly referred to as a temple complex as there are other temples inside it. The famous Saraswati temple inside the Trikuteshwara temple houses shrines of Goddess Sharada, Goddess Gayathri and Goddess Saraswathi. There is also a Someshwara temple inside this temple complex.

As any other ancient temple built during Chalukya dynasty, Trikuteshwara temple is also known for carved figurines and chiseled stone walls. This falls among the fifty temples founded by Kalyani Chalukyas.

Gadag town is about 50 kilometers from Hubli-Dharwad line. There is a railway station in Gadag and now many trains stop here. Local transportation by bus is also available from nearby towns.

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