Dodda Basappa, Gadag

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Dodda Basappa (Dambala Temple), well known for its multigonal stellar shape, includes a group of shrines located at Dambala. This temple has a Shiva Linga, the mark of Lord Shiva, the regional deity. This complex is suggested to all travellers passing through Gadag for its intricate carvings and beauty. According to historians, this temple was built by the rulers of Kalyani Chalukyan dynasty.

Its interiors have a standard structure for temples, including a sanctum (cella), a vestibule (antarala) and mantapa (navaranga or hall). The images of five-headed Brahma; his vahana, the goose; and twin images of Surya are present in the mantapa. At the entrance of the temple, there are beautiful door steps that are carved with festoons and rosettes. The pillars and walls of the temple have been crafted beautifully with paintings and figures of numerous gods and goddesses. A Buddhist Temple that is devoted to Goddess Tara Devi is located in proximity of this temple.

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