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  • 01Kodai Lake

    The Kodai Lake is an artificial lake which has been constructed in the shape of a star. The lake was constructed in the year 1863 and is the most popular tourist spot of Kodaikanal. The lake is at a distance of half a kilometre from the bus stand. The lake is spread across 60 acres. There is a Boat Club close to the lake which rents out rowboats and pedalos.

    One can also hire horses and bicycles and take a ride around the area. There is a path of 5 km on the periphery of the lake which is good for walks. This path is popular among locals as much as among the tourists. The lake is a good place to have a relaxing time in the centre of the town.

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  • 02Pillar Rocks

    The Pillar Rocks are located at a distance of 8 km from the bus stand. It is one of Kodaikanal’s most popular tourist spots. The place gets its name because of the three granite boulders that stand vertically at this place.

    These pillars are 400 ft tall and offer a bird's eye view of the beautiful landscape surrounding the area. The cleaves between the rocks are deep and dangerous and are called the Devil’s Kitchen. The spot makes for a very picturesque view. The pillar rocks are managed by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department.

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  • 03Berijam Lake

    The Berijam Lake is just 20 km from the hill station, Kodaikanal. The lake is situated inside a forest where permit is required to go in. The entry is restricted between 9.30 am to 3 pm. Several animals such as bison, deer, snakes and panthers come to the lake to drink water and can be spotted if you are lucky.

    Several types of mushrooms grow around the areas. Places such as the fire tower, lake view, silent valley and medicine forest are close to the lake which is an added tourist attraction. This is a good place to be one with the wild.

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  • 04Green Valley View

    The Green Valley View is also known as the Suicide Point due to its deep and dangerous fall. The valley has a fall of 5,000 ft. The place is close to the Kodaikanal Lake, located at a distance of around 5.5 km. The view of Vaigai Dam looks spectacular from this place. The area has plenty of monkeys which entertain the tourists coming to the hang out in this area.

    There is a staircase which leads to the spot and the way is lined with shops from which tourists can buy souvenirs. The best time of the day to visit Green Valley View is between 10 am and 3 pm. The spot is a good place to relax and enjoy the scenic natural beauty.

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  • 05Kurinji Andavar Temple

    The Kurinji Andavar Temple is located at a distance of 4 km for the bus stand. The rare Kurinji flower, which grows once every 12 years blooms in the area and the place is famous for those flowers. The temple in the area is dedicated to Lord Murugan who is known as Sri Kurinji Easwaran.

    The temple was constructed in the year 1936. A European lady who embraced Hinduism had built this temple. The lady married a Hindu man and was called Lady Ramanathan. The temple is now under Arulmighu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Thiru Kovil.

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  • 06Bryant Park

    The Bryant Park is half a kilometre east of the bus stand. The park is a well preserved botanical garden. The park is named after H.D. Bryant, a forest officer who had planned and built the park in 1908. The park has a wide variety of shrubs, trees and cactuses. During peak season, the place is seen sprawling with colourful flowers.

    The place houses an eucalyptus tree from 1857 and a bodhi tree which gives the place a religious significance. There is also a nursery which sells several ornamental flowers and trees. There is also a horticultural exhibition that the park organises every year during the peak season. There is a nominal fee one needs to pay to enter the park.

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  • 07Coakers Walk

    Coaker’s Walk is named after Lt Coaker who discovered the place in 1872. The spot is located on the southern slope of Kodaikanal about a kilometre away from the Kodaikanal Lake. The place is a must visit for nature lovers. The place has long winding roads which are laid with beautiful trees and flowers.

    The place houses a telescope which offers a view of the valley and the towns which lie at the slope of the hills. A ticket is required to enter the Coaker’s Walk. The best time to take a walk around Coaker’s Walk is before 2.30 pm in the afternoon before the mist sets in. The place is the ideal site to walk around and relax amidst the lap of nature.

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  • 08Bear Shola Falls

    The Bear Shola Falls is located in a reserve forest. It is a tall waterfall which is at a distance of about 3 km from the bus stand. The place gets its name because in the earlier days this place was frequented by bears who came to drink water here. The area is extremely serene and quiet.

    The place can be reached by climbing a steep footpath. The place proves to be an ideal hangout for nature lovers. During the monsoons, this place looks marvellous, and it is the ideal time to visit the falls.

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  • 09Dolmen Circle

    Dolmen Circle

    The Dolmen Circle is an archaeological site which gives an insight into the life of prehistoric men of 5000 BC. The place houses several brass and copper utensils and ornaments which were excavated from the dolmen around. This place provides for an unparalleled experience and is a must visit for people who are interested in history and archaeology.

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  • 10Bison Wells

    Bison Wells

    The Bison Wells is a retreat spread across an area of 8 acres. The place can be of interest to hikers, trekkers, bird watchers, naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts. There are several places for eco tourism here, and the surrounding is completely natural.

    Several animals such as the Indian bison, the Nilgiri langur, the Tahr goat and the Malabar giant squirrel can be found here. There is a jeep facility which gives a safari of the place.

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