Yakshini, Jind

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Yakshas and Yakshinis are gods and goddesses. They hold a place of special importance in Jain religion. According to Jainism, they were appointed by god Indra, the lord of heaven, to protect the Jain Tirthankars. That is why Yakshinis are also called protective deities. They are always positioned in such a way in the Jain paintings or sculptures that a Yaksha is on the right side of the Jin and Yakshini on the left side.

According to Jains, the Jins too are human beings and as such are susceptible to human failings. The Yakshas and Yaknisis accompanying them always remind them of their duties and goals.

A temple dedicated to Yakshini Mahagrahi is located in village Dkhnikhera, 8 kilometres from Jind. The shrine is situated close to Manjuvata. According to scriptures, a bath in the shrine accompanied by fasting propitiates the goddess and consecrates the devotees of all their sins. It also fulfils all the wishes of the visitors.

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