Sri Tirtha, Jind

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Sri tirtha or the pilgrim centre houses a Salagrama, a precious stone generally of black colour. The true Salagramas are fossilized stones and are found in Gandaki River in Nepal and in some regions of the Himalya mountains. They are spherical, shaped like discus.

Salagrama stones are regarded sacred and are, therefore, used to make idols. They resemble the Sudarshan Chakra, the weapon used by Lord Krishna or Vishnu to kill the demons.

A Salagrama stone, therefore, represents Lord Vishnu himself. It is believed that the worship of Salagrama pleases Lord Vishnu who blesses the devotees with health, wealth, wisdom and happiness. The worship involves pouring water over the statue, collecting it in a bowl and drinking it. The water is transformed into holy nectar and acquires divine qualities.

Sri Tirtha is located at village Simla in Narwana tehsil of Jind district. It is regarded as the supreme place of worship. There is a holy pond close by and a bath in it provide eternal peace and happiness to the devotee.

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