Sankhini, Jind

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According to the religious and cultural traditions of the Hindus, a woman is regarded as the manifestation of divine power. In other words, she symbolises Shakti, one of the important traits of the divine Mother, the other traits are being compassion, love and generosity.

The Hindu scriptures also describe the woman in four categories, Padmini, Sankhini, Hastini and Chitrini. Of these four types, a Shankini or a conch woman is blessed with the virtues of a conch, a shankh.

Her physical build is balanced. She can be hard as well as soft. She is full of energy and is fiercely independent. A classic example of this type of woman is Gargi, the mother of Adi Shankracharya or Vaidehi or Sita, the consort of Lord Ram.

A shrine dedicated to the Sankhini swaroop is situated in village Sanghan in Narwana tehsil of district Jind. A worship especially by women at this tirath blesses them with the traits of a Shankhini.

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