Safidon, Jind

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Safidon is a tehsil headquarter in the district of Jind. It is located some 35 kilometres from Jind on the Hansi branch of western Yamuna canal. It can also be accessed through the Panipat-Jind railway line. Safidon, like most other cities, towns and villages of the region boasts its origin and relationship to pre-historic times.

According to scriptures Safidon was called Sarpadevi or Sarpidadhi which is mentioned in Mahabharata. It is also mentioned that Parikshit was killed during a battle with Nagas of Taxiles and that Janmejaya avenged the death of his father by defeating the Nagas. Following the epic traditions of Sarapasastra, he performed a snake sacrifice at the spot called Sarpadevi which is the present day Safidon.

The town is home to three prehistoric pilgrimage centres and temples of Nagesvara Mahadeva, Nagadamni Devi, and Nagashetra. Historians have recovered pottery pieces of ancient times from the excavations conducted in this region. It has been revealed that the area was captured by an agricultural community of pre-Harappan Chalcolitic times.

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