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The word ’kayasodhana’ is formed of two words, 'kaya' and 'sodhana'. While kaya means body, sodhana means cleansing, detoxification or purification of the body of all the impurities or toxins. The process of kayasodhana takes three major steps.

The first step is, of course, detoxification. It uses a combination of yogic and naturopathic measures. Each person requires special techniques for detoxification depending on individual constitution, though there are some common practices that are applicable to everyone.

The second step aims at rejuvenating the body after it has been purified of toxins and wastes. The aim is to prepare the body so that all its organs work in perfect co-ordination with each other.

The third and the final step is nutrition. The patient is administered a proper dietary regime that suits his personal physical requirements. The diet comprises a mixture of fruits, vegetables and drinks.

The shrine of Kayasodhana is located at Kasohan, is 16 kilometres in the north of Jind. According to Puranic traditions, Lord Vishnu created Kayashodhan, Lokoddar by taking a bath at this place.

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