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The word ‘hamsa’ in the title refers to the migratory bird swan or goose, which according to Hindu-Buddhist views, is the vehicle or the ride of goddess Saraswati. The reason why the goddess chose this bird is that it can fly non-stop for whopping 7,000 miles over great heights.

The swan is a bar-headed bird that resides in Mansarovar Lake in Tibet and flies over thousands of miles to migrate to Indian habitats during winter. According to Upnishads, the swan eats only pearls and can segregate milk from water if both are mixed together. Moreover, it possesses the holy knowledge of the Brahmm.

The sacred land of Jind has deep roots in mythology. This explains the existence of Ekahamsa temple in village Ikkas about five miles of Jind. It can be accessed through Jind-Hansi road.

The shrine is also mentioned in epics which relates to Lord Krishna. The temple also has a painting portraying how the Lord showers His love on one and all.

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