Durgah Char Qutab, Hisar

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Durgah Char Qutab, or the mausoleum complex of four celebrated Sufi saints, is located in Hansi near Hisar. The word ‘qutab’ means a saintly person who is an ideal for other people to follow. The great sufi saints or qutabs buried here are Jamal-ud-Din Hansi, Burhan-ud-Din, Qutab-ud-Din Manuwar and Nur-ud-Din. The tombs of several other Muslim dignitaries of that period including Mir Alam, Begum Skinner and Mir Tijarah, the chief purveyor of Sultan Hamid-ud-din of Hansi are also located in the durgah.

The tombs were initially located near a small mosque in the city, but later on a larger mosque was built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq on the northern side of the durgah. It is believed that the monument was constructed at this place because the celebrated Sufi saint Baba Farid used to pray and meditate here.

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