The Gir National Park – Your Way Into A Wondrous Wildlife

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Nearby the Girnar forest is the Gir National Park. One can definitely include Gir forest in the itinerary while visiting Girnar Hills. This national park is a reserve forest and a wild life sanctuary which is the only home of Asiatic Lions and is recognized as one of the most important reserve forests of Asia due to the important species that are protected over here.

The Eco-system here is quite diverse and is nourished by the ever flowing seven rivers – Hiran, Shetrunji, Datardi, Shingoda, Machhundri, Godavari and Raval. Various animals like the Asiatic lions, Jungle cats, Indian Leopards, Sloth bears, Striped Hyenas, Ratels, Indian Cobras, Golden Jackals, Indian Palm Civets, Indian Mongoose and cats like the Desert cats and Rusty-spotted cats are found in this forest.

Rare reptiles like the Monitor Lizards, Marsh Crocodiles, Indian Star Tortoise are also to be seen. Special rehabilitation programme for breeding and nurturing Asiatic Lions are undertaken in Gir.

Best Time To Visit Gir National Park

November to February is considered as the best time to visit the National Park.

How To Reach Gir National Park

Travellers planning a trip to Gir National Park can reach the destination via air, rail and road.

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