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Situated to the north of Mumbai, Bordi is at a distance of about 17 km from the tiny little town of Dahanu and is based in the Thane District in the state of Maharashtra. Dubbed as a ‘seaside hamlet’, Bordi provides with a serene beach that is calm and unspoiled.

The sand has retained its original colour and texture – it is blackish and sticky. The beach is lined up with chikoo trees that enhance the place’s beauty. The water level in this beach never rises above the waist line till about half a kilometre into the sea rendering it safe for a host of fun water activities like swimming.

Bordi is merely 153 km away from the metropolitan city of Mumbai. Bordi is unexplored and untouched – inviting tourists and visitors to come and discover the charm that it holds. Bordi, as a beach town, has plenty of sightseeing options for the quintessential traveller.

With the significant ambience that never leaves its side, Bordi is a perfect place to sunbathe, walk around chikoo orchards or simply laze around with your loved ones.

Tourist Places In And Around Bordi

The Bordi Beach, as described earlier, provides for a wonderful picnic spot to indulge in some romantic walks by the seashore, or get involved in some horse riding. The Maharashtra Woods Preservation Department is concerned with maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the place – a reason why the untouched, tranquil beach still enchants tourists and visitors.

On the other hand, Bordi also plays the role of being a significant religious centre for the Zoroastrians. The Mecca of Zoroastrians found here accommodates sacred fire that has continuously been kept burning for more than a century now.

The Bordi community mainly constitutes the Parsis who are full of warmth. They offer authentic Parsi cuisine and bungalows for temporary stay to visiting tourists. About 8 km away, the Bahrot Caves lie in the Bahrot Hills and are a popular attraction here. The hills rise to a mind boggling 1,500 feet and are considered to be sacred by the Parsi community.

The Mallinath Jain Tirth Kosbad Temple close by is another religious site revered by the Jain community. It is dedicated to Rishabh and situated on the Prabhadevi Hills.The Kalpataru Botanical Garden is located 10 km away and is based in Umbergaon.

The Vrindavan Studios are situated nearby and is famous for shooting epic serials like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Once used as a jail back in history, the Dahanu Fort today proves to be a representation of the rich cultural heritage India boasted about at one point of time. The post monsoon season and the onset of winter is the best possible period to explore this place.

Bordi Weather

The stretch from the month of November to the month of February experiences a salubrious, temperate climate, with the temperature dipping to a cool 12°C.

How To Reach Bordi

Bordi is easily accessible by all modes of transport of air, rail and road given its proximity to the metro city Mumbai. By air, the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the closest airport, while by train, the Dahanu Road Station makes for a comfortable journey.

By road as well, Bordi is near Mumbai, and can be reached via this city with the help of state owned transport buses and private tour operating buses.

Given its convenient accessibility and the appeal that Bordi offers, the beach town has proven to be an excellent place to relax over the weekend. It helps you detoxify from the fast lifestyle we are so accustomed to.

You can choose to de-stress by lazing on the beach, sunbathing, taking a leisure stroll alongside the orchards or swimming in the waters. This beach resonates with a golden sparkle under the balmy sun – a bewitching image you wouldn’t be able to shake off from your head for a long time.

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