Bahrot Caves, Bordi

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The Bahrot Caves lie 20 km to the south of Sanjan and are situated at a small distance of about 8 km away from the village of Bordi. Nestled in the midst of the Bahrot Hills that are about 1,500 ft high in elevation, the Bahrot Caves are of immense significance and hold a great amount of religious importance for the Parsis.

Legend has it that the brave and mighty Zoroastrian ancestors hid themselves and took refuge here in and around 1351 AD for thirteen long years – in order to protect themselves from the Muslim invaders. These ancestors blessed an Iranian Fire Temple within these hills, with the fire later being relocated to the Bahrot Caves.

This holy fire went by the name – Iranshah Flame – and is believed to have been kept burning ever since that day. Tourists visiting this site can participate in a Jashan that is regularly performed to pay homage to the brave ancestors who gave up their lives to keep the flame burning incessantly.

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