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Khodala is a bewitching little village based at an altitude of 1800 feet above sea level in the Thane District within the state of Maharashtra.Renowned for its tranquil ambience, Khodala is a major tourist hub for its host of attractions like the Vaitarna Lake, the Igatpuri-Kasara Ghat and the Tringalwadi Fort.A Scenic Wonder

Khodala is essentially a verdant dense place, settled in a hilly backdrop – both of which provide for excellent trekking and picnicking opportunities. Khodala holds on to its traditional flavour and gives the impression of being an unperturbed wild place waiting to be explored.Despite its proximity to major cities like Mumbai and Pune, Khodala is not as famous as it ought to be. It is inhabited majorly by the local tribal cultures, who till this date perform animal rituals and the like. They provide a window into India’s rustic appeal that has been untouched by the technological modernity we are so dependent on.

Tribal music and dance for a part of their daily lives and their clothing style is very characteristic of Mother Nature and the closeness they share with her.

Tourist places in Khodala

Khodala is a trekker’s hub and gives tonnes of trekking, mountain biking and rappelling opportunities to adrenaline junkies. The Amala Wildlife Sanctuary will delight any wildlife lover with the array of reptiles and other species that it houses. The rich flora of the sanctuary deserves a special mention, alongside the haven of beautiful migratory birds that flock in these trees.

Khodala weather

Though Khodala is blessed with a pleasant, temperate climate, the winter season and the post monsoon season is the best time to come visit this place and explore its many wonders.

How to reach Khodala

It might be a good idea to travel during the tribal festivals to observe some tribal dancing.Khodala is well accessible by air, rail and road. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the nearest Airport to Khodala that links it to all major cities within and outside Maharashtra. The Igatpuri Railway station, meanwhile, is 30 km away and is a convenient option for those travelling by train. However, if you live within a radius of 450-500 km, driving down to Khodala may be the most enjoyable commuting option.

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