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Igatpuri - Providing Nature At Its Very Best


Located at an altitude of a dizzying 1,900 ft, this beauty naturally possesses a wonderful terrain, with cascading waterfalls and green deep forests to complete the scenic picture. This charming hill station is untouched by urbanization and retains its mystic air.

Avid and frequent travellers will agree when we say that this place successfully wipes away the strain off your brow owing to the stressful city life we are all accustomed to.

Tourist Places In Igatpuri

The Tringalwadi Lake, situated close to the Tringalwadi Fort, is an amazing place to spend a relaxed evening by your family’s side. Nature lovers will lose themselves in the varieties of flora and species of birds in this region. Trekkers will enjoy the uncountable trekking opportunities this point offers.

The Bhatsa River Valley is another charming spot that helps you unwind and spend a few moments in absolute tranquillity. The Vaitarna Dam is a beautiful dam that is not only the main source of water to the entire city of Mumbai, but also a great place to visit.

Try Camel Valley to engage in a host of adventurous activities like river rafting and river crossing. Simple activities like taking a nature trail or watching the sun set will be multiplied by the exuberance of the locale you’ll find yourself in.

Adventurers will rejoice in the trekking and river rafting opportunities this place has in store for them. Igatpuri is a quaint hill station that nestles comfortably in the laps of the Sahayadri Ranges. It belongs to the district of Nashik and ranks amongst the most sought-after and beautiful hill stations in the state of Maharashtra.

What Not To Miss While You're At Igatpuri

Igatpuri is well known for its ancient, rusty temples. The Ghatandevi Temple is one Temple that one should check out while at Igatpuri. Dedicated to Goddess Ghatandevi – the protector of Ghats – this place of worship provides with a splendid view of the valley below and the many peaks on the lovely Sahayadri Ranges.

While you’re there, try and drop in to the Vipassana Centre – a centre that provides a complete course on meditation and how it has been practised over the ages.

If you happen to be a lover of history and architecture, the Tringalwadi Fort must figure in your list of Sights-To-See. This majestic fort is at a breathtaking 3,000 ft above sea level and offers a panoramic view of the entire city of Igatpuri below, alongside the captivating beauty of the Sahayadri Ranges.

Pay homage to the Hanuman Temple within the fort’s premises while you are there. The Walavalkar Museum is a unique museum that depicts Shivaji Maharaj’s life and proves to be yet another treat to gorge your eyes on.

It would be a shame to not try out the Vada Pavs while you’re here.

Igatpuri Weather

The climate at Igatpuri is majorly pleasant and salubrious throughout the year. The short period of summer can be hot and parched. Travelling is generally avoided during this time. The Monsoons that follow are a welcome change from the heat.

During this time, Igatpuri transforms into a green paradise with milky white waterfalls enriching the entire experience of sight-seeing. Winter is also a nice time to visit this place with the temperature being just apt for travelling, trekking and sight-seeing.

How To Reach Igatpuri

If one wishes to travel by air, the Chattrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai is the closest International Airport, about 119 km away. The Nashik Domestic Airport is the nearest domestic airport for people flying in from within India.

There are regular trains as well that ply from various towns and cities inside and outside Maharashtra. Local trains don’t go beyond Kasara, leaving you with the option of either opting for a bus uphill once you’re there, or taking a long distance train right from the start.

By road, you can either drive up the gorgeous ghats to reach this place or take a bus from your city. Driving up those tricky ghats can prove to be quite a challenge, but it is a small price to pay for the thrilling experience you will get in return.

Whether it is a short retreat you are taking over the weekend to de-stress from the crowded city life or whether you simply want to enjoy a quiet summer holiday here with your spouse and kids, Igatpuri will rejuvenate your senses and leave you wanting for more. Such is the charm of this marvellous little place!

Igatpuri Weather

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How to Reach Igatpuri

  • By Road
    The state owned Maharashtra Buses links Igatpuri to other cities and towns in Maharashtra. There are tourist buses available too, which cost about Rs. 500 on an average but may differ according to the buses you choose.
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  • By Train
    The Tapovan Express travels regularly from Mumbai to Igatpuri. The Kasara Railway Station is the nearest major railway point which connects to other cities in Maharashtra. It is about half an hour away by cab.
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  • By Air
    The Chattrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai is the closest International Airport to Igatpuri. It is 119 km away. The Gandhinagar Airport at Nashik is 55 km away and is the nearest Domestic Airport to Igatpuri. Both the airports are well connected to other cities and towns in Maharashtra and India as a whole. Taxis charge about Rs. 2000 from the airport to Igatpuri.
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