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The origin of the land of Harihareshwar dates back to the era of the Great Maratha Rule under Emperor Shivaji. The first Peshwa Ruler, Bajirao, is said to have paid a visit to this holy place back in 1723. The ancient architecture of the many temples and monuments here stand testimony to the Inidan architectural style that was adopted and practised in those times.

Each temple has a story attached to its sculptures – the many Hindu epics that will leave you spellbound. Harihareshwar is a quaint little town in the district of Raigad in Maharashtra. Surrounded by the four hills of Brahmadri, Pushpadri, Harshinachal and Harihar, Harihareshwar lies in the Konkan region and is surrounded by lush green forests on one side and pristine beaches on the other.

Harihareshwar is famous for the Harihareshwar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the reason behind the label of Devghar – the House of God. It is at this very point that the mighty river Savitri meets the Arabian Sea.

Tourist Places In And Around Harihareshwar

Harihareshwar is a religiously significant destination and is referred to as the Dakshin Kashi. It is home to the many temples of different deities like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. The Kalbhairav Temple and Yogeshwari are yet two other religious spots.

Harihareshwar is noted for its picturesque beach, Harihareshwar beach that is ideal for a weekend getaway. Ganesh Gully is a beautiful surprise for nature lovers and Ganesha worshippers.

Bagmandala is a little village and serves as a wonderful tourist attraction. The Pushpadri Hill nearby adds to the charm of the entire scenic spot.

How To Reach Harihareshwar

Harihareshwar is easily accessible by all modes of transport be it air, rail and road.

The Best Time To Visit Harihareshwar

It can be visited almost anytime during the year, though post monsoon and winter season is the best period to explore this little village. Harihareshwar attracts a humongous crowd annually for not only its temples but also its scenic beaches. Pleasant ambience, panoramic beaches, rustic temples – Harihareshwar has it all.

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