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A fascinating beach town along the Konkan Coast, Ganpatipule is the Indian answer to the Caribbean Islands! This place is at a distance of approximately 375 km from Mumbai, and belongs to the district of Ratnagiri. This small village in Maharashtra is untouched by the frantic commercialization of urban life and successfully retains its charm of an idyllic holiday destination.

Religion, Beaches And History - Tourist Places In Ganpatipule

The Swayambhu Ganpati Temple at Ganpatipule is a massive attraction of this sleepy village. The idol of Ganpati in this temple is allegedly 400 years old, and carved from a monolithic rock. It attracts thousands and thousands of pilgrims who throng the temple site to seek Lord Ganpati’s blessings each year.

Ganpati is considered to be the Paschim Dwardevta. It is believed that the local people who reside in Ganpatipule are blessed and looked after by the Lord himself. The beaches of Ganpatipule are not only pristine and replete with clear, virgin water, but the region is blessed with abundant flora.

Mangroves and coconut palms line the entire stretch of the beach, making it a luscious view from afar. The Raigad Fort and Raigad Lighthouse are two other sites in the area that must not be missed.

A few delicacies to be tried out while in this town are ambapoli and phanaspoli – dried mango papad and jackfruit papad, respectively. Kokam kadi is another favourite amongst the locals. The world-famous Devgad Hapus (a variety of mango) originates from here, and if you happen to travel to Ganpatipule during the summer season, be sure to try them out.

Modak, Lord Ganpati’s favourite food item is an absolutely delicious sweet dish recipe that you can’t possibly miss out on while there.

A Few Other Facts To Keep In Mind While Travelling There

The locals of Ganpatipule are staunch worshippers of the diety and are extremely warm and hospitable. They majorly converse in Marathi, though English and Hindi are conversational as well, given the place being a prime tourist destination.

Since Ganpatipule is so close to the Arabian Sea, the weather remains fantastic throughout the year. The summers are a little hot, and tourists usually avoid travelling during this season. However, if you still end up planning a visit to this place, don’t forget a pair of your swimming costume to enjoy the balmy weather.

However the monsoons pose as a lucrative time to travel to this heaven as the journey down the road is a memorable one. The abundant rainfall this region receives transforms the entire scenic beauty here into something surreal.

Best Time To Visit Ganpatipule

The winters are cool and those who aren’t fond of the rains can travel to this holy place during this time of the year.

How To Reach Ganpatipule

Travelling to Ganpatipule is fairly easy for a person visiting this place for the first time. The Ratnagiri Airport is the nearest airport, if you plan to fly down to Ganpatipule. By train, too, Ratnagiri is the closest station wherefrom Ganpatipule is reachable by a mini bus or an auto rickshaw.

The best mode of transport is the road. Nothing beats driving down the ghats to catch a glimpse of the ethereal beauty this little village is. Pack your bags and visit this tiny little village. It will help you create memories you shall never want to put down!

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