Candolim - Goa's Own Paradise!

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Candolim Beach is very close to all the action, is very conveniently located and still maintains a certain calm that can’t be found in the neighbouring beaches of Calangute and Baga.

The first thing one notices about Candolim Beach is the fact that it has no defined beach centre. There are very few shacks and rather few restaurants close to the beach. This in no way is to mislead you, since Candolim Beach offers an unparalleled experience in terms of the sheer size of the beach, cleanliness and water sports.

A little inland from the shore and one can find a host of budget restaurants and hotels and its one of the best places to put up while in Goa. Candolim Beach has also been home to the stranded ship, the River Princess for the last 12 years.

Out of sheer inactivity and the absence of shacks and other commercial activity on the beach, Candolim has a beautiful pattern of dunes which is immediately visible the moment you step onto the beach.

Candolim Beach is very close to the bus stand at Bardez. One can also manage a cab from Panjim; its 15 km from the city centre.

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