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Anjuna Beach can be accessed by road and is around 3 km by road from the popular Candolim Beach area. Anjuna boasts of some upmarket hotels, so in case you are put up in and around the place, you are in for a treat!

This beach is by far one of the most pristine beaches and many tourists have found the mood at this place significantly different, the pace slower and the commercialization virtually non-existent.

Ideal for an afternoon of sitting back on the beach and enjoying some signature cocktails and the beautiful Anjuna waves, this beach also makes for a reader’s paradise.

Need to check some e-mail or catch up with work while on a holiday, Curlies is the place to be, and it guarantees to not take away from the holiday feel, even while you are working. Curlies has two decks; the upper deck offers a beautiful view of the Anjuna beach.

A very special feature of Anjuna is that it’s much deeper than other beaches because of a steep shelf. While lifeguards are stationed there throughout the day, one can enjoy a swim in the beach between meals, drinks or even work.

The Anjuna flea market is another treat not far from Curlies. Generally, one can manage quite a deal on accessories, bags, footwear and other fashionable goods. Anjuna Beach is like an acquired taste; if slow and easy is your style, you are bound to love the place!

Anjuna Beach is just a stone's throw away from Baga Beach and Calangute Beach. All you need to do is head north, but the winding roads can get a little confusing. Hailing a cab from Calangute Beach or Baga Beach is easy; if you’re on your own, ask for directions every 5 minutes.

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