Chopdem - The Sacred Goa!

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This picturesque settlement is strategically situated north of the banks of the Charpora River. Chopdem offers a different side of Goa, a religious one, as against the party hard culture of the place in general. Religious travellers and tourists with a flair for history in general will appreciate the various temples like Bhumika, Vetal, Garudi and Rampurush, and how well preserved they are.

Finding a place to put up around Chopdem may be a bit of a challenge since guesthouses and lodges have monopolized the place as against hotels. Then again, one can always find a good deal and the services are pretty good. Travel a little outside Chopdem and some resorts and hotels may be at your disposal.

Chopdem is accessible via a Ferry at Siolim which is the most adventurous way to travel. Road accessibility is good via the highway but may take long. Tourists driving down from Mumbai or Pune cities to Goa will come across Chopdem first, before entering the heart of North Goa.

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