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The Arambol Beach is located in the north of Goa, further up from Baga Beach and Calangute Beach. Unlike these beaches, Arambol Beach is completely alien to commercialization. This beach is all about simplicity and has a unique freshwater lake adjoining it.

The Arambol Beach area doesn’t have too many hotels and restaurants around it owing to the local policy but there are some shacks where one can enjoy this pristine beach and the clean air and clear water.

Arambol Beach is near to Anjuna Beach and Mapusa Beach, both of which are short drives away. There is a famous sculpture called the Money Stone which has become very popular among tourists off late.

Arambol Beach is not your average bustling Goa beach. Its more for the nature lovers, allows for peaceful walks and a calm afternoon experience. Arambol Beach is easy to access by bus on the way to Mapusa from Panjim. Cabs and autos will also take you there; beware of how much you get charged.

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