Dona Paula - A Trace of Portugal!

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Dona Paula, a suburb of Goa’s capital Panjim is a tourist destination frequented by many a travellers both Indian and otherwise. Although part of the city, this locality enjoys a pace that’s much slower, being situated on the outskirts and is very accessible to the airport at just 23 kilometres.

One of the main advantages of being situated at Dona Paula during your stay at Goa is the proximity it enjoys to both the north and south giving you a more wholesome experience of the place in general. One can enjoy the party hard beaches of the north and the calm, scenic beaches of the south, all in one trip.

The name Dona Paula follows from Dona Paula de Menezes the daughter of the viceroy of Goa back during Portuguese rule. Legend has it that she threw herself off a cliff after being refused permission to marry a local fisherman. The cliff is now called Lovers Paradise at the Dona Paula beach. It’s around 7 kilometres from Panjim.

Dona Paula beach offers ample water sports and shopping in and around the beach and in the city is to die for! Get ready to bargain, especially if you’re not from around the place.

Cabs and buses regularly serve Dona Paula, one can also hire a bike or a car and drive down. Ample boards direct you, so getting around should not be an issue.

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