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Guhagar - Of Temples And Beaches


A tiny little town set on the west coast of India, Guhagar lies within the state of Maharashtra, in the Ratnagiri district. Flanked by the mighty Arabian Sea on one side and the majestic Sahayadri Mountain Ranges on the other, Guhagar literally means a ‘Cave House’, in the local dialect.

Guhagar - A Temple Town - Tourist Places In Guhagar

Guhagar is famously known as the Temple Town, given the number of prominent Hindu temples that are present here. There are several temples dedicated to different avatars of Lord Shiva like the Balkeshwar Temple, the Udaleshwar Temple, the Vyadeshwar Temple, the Velneshwar Temple and the Talkeshwar Temple.

The Chandika Mandir is a well known shrine that can be found here. The same goes with a holy shrine dedicated to Lord Ufrata Ganpati that is situated along the Guhagar Beach. The Sri Dasabhuj Lakshmi Ganesh Devasthan and the Uma Maheshwari Temple are amongst other temples that can be seen here.

Annually, the town sees hordes of ardent devotees and worshippers thronging the area to seek Lord Shiva’s and other Gods’ blessings. Guhagar is especially crowded during the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri when the festival is celebrated with great aplomb. A fair is also arranged in the vicinity around this time.

A Tucked Away Beach

Given its idyllic soft, sandy beach that catches the golden sun set from a distance, and the host of water sporting facilities offered here – Guhagar makes for a perfect get away for spending a peaceful day by the beach.

Apart from the many temples that are characteristic of Guhagar, the town is equally known for its virgin beach that stretches to more than 6 km. The beach is lined with trees and plantations of coconuts, betel nuts and alphonso mangoes.

It is a picture perfect image of the typical Konkan culture. Budhal is another serene and tranquil sea shore that consists of plenty of rocks and has an extremely pleasant feel to it. The beaches here are untouched, unpolluted and unexploited, providing you with a unique experience to explore nature’s mystical beauty.

With the backdrop of the lofty, hilly terrains and the dense vegetation cover, the Guhagar Beach must be your top most site to visit. Guhagar is very well known for its tropical fruits like coconuts and alphonso mangoes, cashew nuts and jackfruits.

While you’re here, do not miss out on the lovely sea food dishes here. In case you’re a strict vegetarian, look no further – Guhagar is one of those very few towns that provide an excellent fusion of Brahman vegetarian food and non vegetarian meals.

Guhagar Weather

Guhagar enjoys a pleasant maritime climate given its proximity to the Arabian Sea on the west coast. The stretch from the month of September to the month of May – that is, the post monsoon and winter seasons – makes for the most apt time to enjoy the many wonders Guhagar consists of.

The yearly temperature does not go beyond a maximum 39°C and a minimum 18°C. The month of May should specifically be avoided because of the harrowing heat.

How To Reach Guhagar

Guhagar is very easily accessible by rail, road and air networks – another reason why it is a viable destination for a quick vacation. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the nearest airport in case you plan to arrive by air, while the Chiplun Railway station is the closest major railhead.

If you plan to engage in a road journey, you have the option of choosing from the many buses – state owned or otherwise – to help you reach Guhagar. With the perfect blend of ancient temples, surrounding waterfalls, panoramic beaches and verdant green forests – Guhagar promises to leave you with a memorable experience etched in your mind for the rest of your life.

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Guhagar Weather

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How to Reach Guhagar

  • By Road
    There are several Maharashtra State Transport Buses and Private Tour Buses available to choose from in case you plan to travel to Guhagar by road. They ply between all major cities and towns within and outside the state. The bus fare comes to around Rs. 900, if you�re travelling from Mumbai � which is about 356 km away.
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  • By Train
    The Chiplun Railway Station is the closest railhead to Guhagar. It lies on the Konkan Rail line, and is well connected to Mumbai and Goa. Guhagar is about 40 km away from the station. Taxis are available for the road journey, for around Rs. 500.
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  • By Air
    The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai is the nearest Airport to Guhagar, at a distance of about 300 km. The airport is connected to all major cities throughout India, as well as cities abroad. From the airport, there are several taxi services available to commute to Guhagar, the fare for which comes to an approximate Rs. 5000.
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