Hedvi, Guhagar

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Hedvi is a small village situated near the town of Guhagar lying in the Konkan Region of the state of Maharashtra. This village is particularly famous for its Lord Ganesha Temple and the Shri Dasabhuj Lakshmi Ganesh Devasthan that is based here.

The latter attraction got its name from the idol of Lord Ganesha and possesses the Dasha Bhuja – which means Ten Hands in Hindi. It is believed that this temple was constructed during the reign of the Peshwas, and the marble that was used to make the Ganesha Idol was brought from Jammu and Kashmir.

Hedvi is also home to the Uma Maheshwari Temple and the Brahman Ghal. The Brahman Ghal is a natural gorge that is about 35 ft long and 20 ft deep. The gorge is in black rock and is about 2 ft wide. This nature’s beauty spouts milky bubbles during the tidal period, when the sea water gushes into the Gorge.

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