Gopalgad Hill, Guhagar

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The Gopalgad Hill is situated in the village of Anjanvel in Guhagar, and is renowned for its beautiful and captivating surroundings. The hill is home to the Anjanvel Fort that is believed to have been constructed in and around the 16th Century, by the then Bijapur Rulers. The fort was later captured under Shivaji’s reign in 1660.

Post Shivaji’s demise in 1680, the fort was taken over by Siddi Khairat Khan, and later captured by Tuloji Angre in 1744. However, once the Maratha Empire began to crumble in 1818, the British took over the fort and it remained under them until 1947, when India gained its independence!

The fort is sprawled over a massive area of 7 acres and is divided into two units – the lower part, called the Padkot, and the upper wall, known as the Balekot. The fort was fortified with strong and sturdy walls that provided defence from the incoming enemy.

The location of the fort atop the hill makes for plenty trekking opportunities. Enthusiastic and adventurous trekkers will love the challenging trek up, amidst the mystical nature that will leave anyone zapped.

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