Kalbhairav Temple, Harihareshwar

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The Kalbhairav Temple is an archaic and famous temple in Harihareshwar, a landmark temple in Maharashtra. It is a well known pilgrim centre that sees numerous devotees annually. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Amongst the many other idols found here, the Kalbhairav is an idol too – which signifies a Lord of all Manthrasastras.

Legend has it that Lord Shiva created Kalbhairav and bestowed him with all the mantras. The temple’s architecture is attractive. The Yogeshwari Temple, also known as the Dakshin Kashi, is also situated in the proximity.

Occasions like Maha Shivratri see long queues of ardent worshippers waiting patiently to seek the Lord’s blessings. Its location near the Harihareshwar Beach makes this temple’s backdrop extremely scenic.

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