Dahanu Fort, Bordi

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The Dahanu Fort is situated about 24 km away from the village of Bordi and stands tall and mighty on the north bank of the river. Constructed out of cut stones, the walls of this fort rise to an elevation of 38 ft and are about 10 ft thick.

Legend has it that under the leadership of a certain Chimaji Rao Appa, the Marathas had captured the fort in the month of January in 1739 AD. In around 1817 AD, the British usurped the Dahanu Fort under the ‘Treaty of Bassein’.

It was later converted to a prison. The fort still is in an amazing condition and amazes all kinds of architecture and historic enthusiasts even today. The terrace of the fort, however, was destroyed in 1818. The Dahanu Fort serves as a major attraction for tourists visiting Bordi.

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