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Bathinda is one of the most popular and oldest cities in Punjab. It lies in the heart of the Malwa Region. This city has been named after Bhati Rajput kings, who ruled Punjab during the 6th century. Due to its rich culture and heritage many tourists from India and abroad opt for Bathinda tourism.

Tourist places in and around Bathinda

Bathinda is a place of religious importance as there are a number of temples and gurudwaras present in this city. The most prominent among all the attractions is the Qila Mubarak. Built using small bricks, this monument is popular for its magnificent architecture. Gurudwara Lakhi Jungle Sahib is a major religious centre for Sikhs across the country. Located in the middle of a forest, this place is one of the main highlights of Bathinda tourism.

Other interesting places that tourists must visit in Bathinda are the Chetak Park, Damdama Sahib, Bathinda Lake, Maiser Khana, Zoological Garden, Dhobi Bazaar and Mazaar of Peer Haji Rattan. Tourists looking for a luxurious stay in Bathinda can go to the Bahia Fort. This fort was built during the 1930s as an official residence of the army of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala Estate and has now been converted into a four star hotel.

How to reach Bathinda

Bathinda is located at a distance of 326 km away from Delhi and can be reached in approximately 6 hours by road. Various cities in Punjab and nearby states are connected to Bathinda by bus, cab and taxi. Besides, a number of trains connect this place to other major cities of the country. Tourists can also travel to this city by first boarding a flight till Ludhiana and thereafter taking a cab or bus till Bathinda.

Best time to visit Bathinda

The best time to opt for Bathinda tourism is between October and March.

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