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Yellapur may be the stereotypical one-horse town, but its stunning natural beauty makes it a popular destination. Nestled in the thick forests of the Western Ghats in the Uttara Kannada district, Yellapur, at an elevation of 1774 feet, has wonderful waterfalls that gush down the hills into the scenic valleys.

Things to See and Do - Tourist places in and around Yellapur

The Satoddi Falls is regarded as one of the most magnificent falls in the state. The way to the falls is quite majestic in its beauty. The Magod Falls is yet another place where nature is at her most beautiful.

The village is surrounded by a dense forest that is notable for its rich biodiversity. A trek in the forest reveals several different species of plants, birds and animals. The Kavi Kere pond in the middle of the forest has a serene and tranquil charm. The village of Kalache, 30 kilometers from Yellapur, and the Durga Devi temple are also worth visiting.

How to reach Yellapur

The nearest railway station is Hubli with good connections to Bangalore, Mangalore and Chennai. Hubli is nearly 70 kilometers away from Yellapur and this distance can be covered in a taxi.

Best time to visit Yellapur

However, given that the falls are inaccessible during the monsoon, the best time to visit would be from November to April.

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