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Yavatmal is a small town in the north eastern region within the state of Maharashtra, under the Yavatmal District. Situated about 1460 feet above sea level, this town lies in the Vidharbha region and is surrounded by the Chandrapur, Parbhani, Akola and Amravati districts on either sides.

Yavatmal derived its name from Yavat – which means ‘mountain’ – and Mal – which means ‘row’ in Marathi.

Yavatmal - Of  Historic Relevance

Over the chapters of history, Yavatmal has been ruled over by several popular dynasties that each influenced Yavatmal’s development and culture in their own unique way.

Prior to being known as Yavatmal, the town was also referred to as Yavatecha Mahal and Yot-Lohar. Back in those days, Yavatmal was the main town under the Deccan Sultanate of Berar.

The Mughals took the town over from the rulers of Ahmednagar and post the death of the last Mughal Emperor; Yavatmal was captured by the Marathas. The British then finally annexed the place.

Initially recognized as a city of Central India, it was later included in the state of Maharashtra. Needless to say, Yavatmal city is an educational hub for the various streams of knowledge.

Tourist places in and around Yavatmal

The Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary and the Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary are two sanctuaries that will be a source of delight to nature and wildlife lovers. Waghadi river is a wonderful sight for travellers who visit Yavatmal.

Yavatmal is renowned for its ancient temples and scenic picnic spots. The Narsimha Temple, the Datta Mandir, the Kalamb and the Khateshwar Maharaj Temple are a few examples of the many pilgrim centres found here. Yavatmal is also home to the Jagat Temple and the Khojochi Mosque.

A village called Kalamb near Yavatmal is a popular site where the ancient underground temple of Chintamani Ganesh is located. Nearby, one can also see the Ganesh Kunda – a holy water tank.

Best time to visit Yavatmal

With the winter season being the best time to visit the town.

How to reach Yavatmal

Yavatmal can be easily reached via air, rail and road networks.

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