Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary, Yavatmal

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The Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary is named after the river Painganga that surrounds it on three of its four sides. It is situated in the Umarkhed Tehsil of the city of Yavatmal. The sanctuary is sprawled over an area of approximately 325 sq. km and has a huge variety of flora and fauna.

Amongst flora, it has a fabulous mix of dry teak forests and southern mixed deciduous forests, while under the fauna bracket, the sanctuary is home to a host of animal species like – the Chinkara, the Black Buck, the Nilgai Sambar, the Four Horned Antelope, Hare, Jackal, Leopard, Fox and many more.

Bird lovers would love the different types of birds found here like the Kite, the Cuckoo, the Kingfisher, the Dove, the Bulbul, the Vulture, etc. The duration from the month of January to the month of June is the best period to enjoy this sanctuary.

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