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The Sevagram Ashram closely relates to Gandhiji’s lifestyle. The huts that he lived in, along with his wife Kasturba, still stand strong today for every visitor to see. These huts aren’t adorned with any decorations, nor are they artistic in nature. Rather they are all composed of mats, bamboos and wet mud tiles – giving an insight into the kind of ordinary lifestyle Gandhiji had adapted himself to.

The Mahadev Kuti, the Kishore Kuti, the Parchure Kuti are some of the many huts found in the Ashram here. The pre-independence feel of the entire place will leave history buffs zapped.

Back when Gandhiji set up his ashram here, merely a 1000 people inhabited this place. Today, the small village of Sevagram brims with tourists all throughout the year who are curious too take a sneak peek into one of Independent India’s most powerful man’s lifestyle.

A trip to Sevagram will leave you bewitched, due to its mesmerising beauty, and inspired, because of its hospitable charm.

A Few Details

The quiet little town of Sevagram is the perfect spot to gain some moments of peace. Situated blissfully amidst verdant forests, this meditating and spiritual spot makes for an ideal destination.

Situated in the state of Maharashtra, Sevagram translates to a village for service – a name the village acquired when Gandhiji decided to reside here in 1940. Prior to this, it was called Shegaon.

The village is merely 8 km away from the district of Wardha and is a monumental representative of India’s revered hospitality and services.

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