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West Champaran, an administrative district of the state of Bihar, offers in itself a great variety  of tourist attractions. Nature’s scenic splendor can be seen in its lush green forests and highly fertile plains. A wide variety of wild animals and birds proudly call the region their home seeking shelter in the thick forests and wildlife sanctuary.

West Champaran tourism offers its visitors the choice of exploring the quaint beauty that is spread over the entire expanse of the district. West Champaran has also been through an eminent passage through the hands of time making its heritage a gem in the tourism of the region. The most comfortable months are that of October to March when traveling around the city can be pleasurable and delightful.

Tourist places in and around West Champaran 

West Champaran Tourism has a lot to offers to the visitors, be it a place of scenic beauty or of religious interest Valmiki National Park, Bank of Triveni, Bawanghari, Bhiknatohari, Sumeswar Fort, Brindavan, Nandangarh, Ashoka Pillar and more

How to reach West Champaran

West Champaran is well-connected to most of the major destination by rail, air and road, so that the visitors can travel at ease. 

West Champaran weather

The climate of West Champaran is divided into summer, winter and monsoon, just like the rest of Bihar.

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