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  • 01Nirar Dam

    Nirar Dam

    Nirar Dam is located 15 kilometres from Valparai. The dam has been constructed as part of the hydroelectric power project that powers many an industry and home in the plains. It also plays an important role in terms of irrigation and supplies water to places in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Nirar Dam along with Sholayar Dam and Aliyar Dam are the three most important dams that are located in and around Valparai.

    Close to the dam is a waterfall that resembles the Cascade Falls near Kodaikanal. The Nirar Dam and its reservoir are located amidst lush green forests and hills. An expanse that seems to have frozen in time, with the old and the ancient blending seamlessly with the new. The dam does not seem to affect the natural beauty of the landscape, but serves to augment it. Nirar Dam is indeed a destination that deserves its place in your itinerary.

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  • 02Viewpoints

    Valparai boasts of a number of viewpoints. Loam’s View Point is an important viewpoint that one cannot afford to miss while making their way to Valparai. It is located on the 9th hairpin bend on the mountain road to Valparai from Pollachi. It offers an impeccable view of the Aliyar Dam and its reservoir.

    The place is also a good vantage point to look out into the plains, as far as the town of Pollachi. A deep long look around might be well enough for one to attain nirvana, as one can see the towering mountains of the Western Ghats. You will feel dwarfed in their midst, before towering ranges, mist and the slow distant rumble of the Aliyar Hydroelectric Power Plant.

    Other notable viewpoints in and around Valparai are Nallamudi Poonjolai, close to the Sangili Road at Valparai, Kadamparai Dam and Number Parai. All these places have some of the best views of the hills and valleys and at times, the plains.

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  • 03Sholayar

    Sholayar is famous for the Upper Sholayar Dam, which is located 20 kilometres away from Valparai. It is the second deepest dam in the whole of Asia and attracts a number of visitors throughout the year. The dam is a part of Tamil Nadu’s hydroelectric power project. One requires special permission to visit the dam. The dam in itself is a sight to behold with its majestic might and the gushing waters that flow out from it.

    It is located 85 kilometres away from Pollachi. The dam is set amidst plantations, thick forests and green hills and meadows. Sholayar is one place that leaves the visitor wanting for more, of the peace and serenity that is rare in the city. The dam is filled with visitors at any time of the year, owing to its serene location.

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  • 04Grass Hills

    Grass Hills

    Grass Hills is a part of the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and is located around 15 kilometres from Valparai. One cannot visit Grass Hills without receiving permission from the warden at the Wildlife Department. But, this location is one place that should not be missed once you are at Valparai. It is a protected region and a wide variety of flora and fauna are preserved here in their natural habitat.

    Grass Hills presents the visitor with the beauty and ambience of a pristine green ecosystem and astonishing views of the hill and forest entwined as one. The best season to visit Grass Hills is during the months of January to May. It is located at an altitude of some 2400 metres above sea level.

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  • 05Balaji Temple

    Balaji Temple

    Balaji Temple is located 10 kilometres away from Valparai, inside a tea estate, owned and operated by the Peria Karamalai Tea Industries. Devotees from many places flock to this spot to worship the deity. Balaji Temple is one of the most famous tourist spots in Valparai and is located 30 kilometres away from Coimbatore.

    Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Lord Balaji here in this temple. It is set amidst tea plantations and hills all exuding an aura of serenity. Photography is prohibited inside the temple as well as the use of mobile phones. Poojas are performed without fail, much like the Tirupati Balaji Temple, and attract the devout from far and wide to partake in the lord's blessings. Vehicles are not allowed only till the entrance of the temple. From there, one has to walk by foot for a distance of half a kilometre to get to the temple.

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  • 06Chinnakallar Falls

    Chinnakallar Falls

    Chinnakallar Falls is a waterfall located 26 kilometres east of the Valparai hill station. It receives the second greatest amount of rainfall in the country and for that reason is known as the Cherrapunji of South India. Surrounded by dense greenery on all sides, the ambience that Chinnakallar presents is one of peace.

    A hanging bridge has been constructed over the falls which makes the trip all the more adventurous. The falls have been known to sound like a roaring lion. Chinnakallar is always shrouded by cloud and mist, mostly because of the heavy rainfall it receives throughout the year. Travelling on the road to Chinnakallar is one of the most rewarding experiences one can get while in Valparai.

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  • 07Annai Velankanni Church

    Annai Velankanni Church

    Annai Velankanni Church is an awe-inspiring fixture in the landscape of Valparai. Located some 10 kilometres from Valparai, it underwent reconstruction in 2003. September is the best time of the year to visit the church when an annual festival is held. The festival is a matter of much importance in the locality and the is celebrated with great pomp and splendour on the 8th of September every year.

    The church has visitors every day who come here to feel the serene beauty of the church and its surroundings. The setting is perfect for meditation, a place perfect to let all the fear and stress in your mind leave you. The church is dedicated to the worship of Velankanni Matha.

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  • 08Ganapati Temple

    Ganapati Temple

    The Ganapati Temple or Chitti Vinayagar Temple is located 3 kilometres from Valparai and is run by Jayshree Tea Industries. The idol of Ganapati is similar to the one worshipped at the Siddhi Vinayakar Temple at Mumbai.

    The idol housed here at the Ganapati Temple has another interesting feature, it is carved entirely from one single block of marble. The temple is set amidst tea plantations that are spread as far as the eyes can see. In that aspect, it is similar to the Balaji Temple which is located in Valparai. A visit to the temple is bound to leave the mind at ease. Set against the backdrop of serene hills and tree plantations, the ambience of the temple is known to cure the weariest of minds.

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