Nirar dam, Valparai

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Nirar Dam is located 15 kilometers from Valparai. The dam has been constructed as part of the hydroelectric power project that powers many an industry and home in the plains. It also plays an important role in terms of irrigation and supplies water to places in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Nirar Dam, along with Sholayar Dam and Aliyar Dam are the three most important dams that are located in and around Valparai.

Close to the dam, is a waterfall that resembles the Cascade falls near Kodaikanal. The Nirar dam and its reservoir are located amidst lush green forests and hills. An expanse that seems to have frozen in time, with the old and the ancient blending seamlessly with the new. The dam does not seem to affect the natural beauty of the landscape, but serves to augment it. Nirar dam is indeed a destination that deserves its place in your itinerary.

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