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Valparai boasts of a number of view points. Loam’s view point is the important view point that one cannot afford to miss while making his way to Valparai. It is located on the 9th hairpin bend on the mountain road to Valparai from Pollachi. It offers an impeccable view of the Aliyar dam and its reservoir.

The place is also a good vantage point to look for out into the plains, as far as the town of Pollachi. A deep long look around might be well enough for one to attain nirvana, from the sight of the towering mountains of the Western Ghats. You feel dwarfed in their midst, before towering ranges, mist and the slow distant rumble of the Aliyar Hydroelectric power project.

Other notable Viewpoints in and around Valparai are Nallamudi Poonjolai close to the Sangili Road at Valparai, Kadamparai Dam and Number Parai. All these places have some of the best views of the hills and valleys and at times, the plains.

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