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Travel To These Popular Lakes In West Bengal

West Bengal is one of the oldest-living places in the world. Hence, you can find innumerable historical monuments, ranging from forts to palaces and tombs to temples, within its boundaries. However, unknown to many, West Bengal is also a mine of natural wonders.

There are numerous places in this beautiful state which can give tough competition to the exotic beauties of other states in India. Lakes are amongst these natural beauties, which add to the existing charm and magnificence of the state.

So, how about visiting these popular and awe-inspiring lakes in West Bengal? Read on to know more about them.

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Located in the Cooch Behar district, Rasikbil is a part of the bird sanctuary and hence, the surroundings of the lake are always filled with the chirping of birds, which in turn, makes the atmosphere alluring and tuneful.

From indigenous to migratory birds, you can find hundreds of species of colourful birds here. There is also a crocodile rehabilitation centre and a deer park located nearby. Due to the presence of such a vibrant aura, the region in and around Rasikbil is always crowded with birdwatchers and photographers.

You must visit Rasikbil if you would love to encounter some of the most beautiful birds in India. The major species found here include kingfisher, spoonbill, parrots, cormorant, common teal, shoveler, pintail and northern lapwing.

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary - A Paradise For BirdwatchersMahananda Wildlife Sanctuary - A Paradise For Birdwatchers

Rabindra Sarobar

Rabindra Sarobar

PC- Siddhatgiri1993

Rabindra Sarobar is the most popular lake in Kolkata and hence, witnesses tourists and locals in thousands every year. Due to the presence of beautiful gardens and parks, it is an evening destination for locals who come here to take a break from their busy lives and enjoy the serene atmosphere filled with quietude.

You can watch numerous people walking around the lake and enjoying the freshness of nature here. There are also several places of interest around the lake which can interest and allure you. These places include a Japanese-Buddhist temple, a mosque, swimming clubs, safari gardens and Mukta Mancha.

An Ultimate Weekend Getaway At Rabindra SarobarAn Ultimate Weekend Getaway At Rabindra Sarobar

Mirik Lake

Mirik Lake

PC- Benoy

What less can be expected from a place located in the surreal lands of Darjeeling other than a pure piece of heaven? Well, Mirik Lake, also known as Sumendu Lake, certainly rises to the expectations, considering its cool climate, scenic beauty and beautiful surroundings.

Mirik Lake is one of the most visited lakes in Northeast India and is popular amongst tourists as a picnic spot. From paddling boats in its waters to taking a stroll in its surroundings, each and every activity done here is unforgettable.

If you are looking to feel the soothing vibes of comfort with the presence of a cool breeze, then Mirik Lake is a perfect weekend getaway for you. You can also go horse riding on the thriving plains of Mirik. Apart from Sumendu Lake, you can also visit tea gardens, orange orchards, Bokar Monastery and Mirik Church.

Mirik - A Place To Be RememberedMirik - A Place To Be Remembered

Santragachi Lake

Santragachi Lake

PC- Biswarup Ganguly

Located in the close proximity of Kolkata, Santragachi Lake is famous for the population of lesser whistling ducks. Even though it doesn't attract picnic lovers much, it certainly allures several photographers and nature lovers on account of the presence of beautiful birds and green surroundings.

You can also find species of sarus crane, garganey, northern pintail and knob-billed duck here. During the winter season, the region of Santragachi Lake gets filled with several migratory birds too. Apart from the lake, you can also visit the nearby Tibbetibaba Ashram, which is dedicated to Tibbetibaba, a famous philosopher saint of West Bengal. So, how about a visit to Santragachi Lake this weekend?

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Senchal Lake

Senchal Lake

Another beautiful lake in Darjeeling, Senchal Lake is certainly a beauty hidden in the hills of West Bengal. Surrounded by meadows, sky-high hills and lush green vegetation, Senchal Lake is the place every picnic lover should visit.

The presence of beautiful trees around the lake makes it look more charming and appealing. Senchal Lake is a part of Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary; hence, the region around the lake is rich in wildlife. It also acts as a reservoir to cater to the needs of Darjeeling and nearby hamlets.

Located at an elevation of 8160 feet, it provides its visitors with an unpolluted environment. So, what do you think of a trip to Senchal Lake now?

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