» »Visit To The Taragarh Fort In Bundi, Rajasthan

Visit To The Taragarh Fort In Bundi, Rajasthan

By Siji Ram

Rajasthan has many forts and palaces to attract a traveller. The land is rich in its culture and heritage, with its each attraction taking you to its glorious past. Here, we are going to take you on a virtual tour to the Taragarh Fort in Bundi, which is one such fort that has a rich history of its own.

Taragarh Fort, also known as the 'Star Fort', is located in Bundi, Rajasthan. Built on a steep hillside, the fort has its history dating back to 1354 AD.

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PC: Rakshat Hooja

Architecture Of The Taragarh Fort

Unlike most of the forts built in sandstone by the Rajput rulers, Taragarh Fort is built in a green-coloured serpentine stone, which was quarried locally. As this stone does not lend to intricate carvings like sandstone does, you can instead find exquisite paintings on the fort walls.

The fort palace has a huge entrance called the Hathia Pol, which means 'Elephant Gateway' that has two towers topped by painted elephants. Another interesting part of the palace are the Chattar Mahal and the Chitrashala that comprise of a gallery of some of the best paintings of those times.


PC: Daniel Villafruela

The murals here depict themes from mythology and the lives of the rulers of that period. The colours used in these murals are a combination of blue and green, with strokes of red and yellow to give them a perfect look.

How To Reach Taragarh Fort

Since Taragarh Fort is atop a hill, a steep road takes you to the fort. From Bundi, you can take an autorickshaw to the fort's entrance. Here's how to reach Bundi.

The fort gives you a beautiful view of the whole region of Bundi, which is a sight to marvel.


PC: Arastu Gupta

Other Tourist Attractions In Bundi

Bundi has several other attractions for the wanderlust traveller in you. Some of them are Nawal Sagar Lake, Talwas Fort, Bijolia, Dugari and Dhabai Kund. For more details on these attractions, click here.

Shopping In Bundi

There are a few shopping streets in Bundi where you can get some unique goodies. Main Bazaar is known for cotton carpets, wooden toys, stone statues and Kota sarees. Sadar Bazaar and the Chaumaukh Bazaar are particularly known for their range of cotton carpets.

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