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  • 01Taragarh Fort

    Taragarh Fort

    The Taragarh Fort, popularly known as the ‘Star Fort’, was built in 1354 AD and is among the most beautiful attractions of the city. It is located on a sharp hillside and gives a beautiful prospect of the city.

    The fort encompasses three water tanks, which never dry up. These tanks are the prime examples of the sophisticated and advanced method of construction and engineering that was followed in those days.

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  • 02Badal Mahal

    Badal Mahal, located within the Taragarh Fort, is famous for its beautiful mural paintings. The walls of the Mahal are beautifully painted and date back to the medieval period. The faces and flowers portrayed in these paintings are quite interesting as they give a hint to the cultivation of poppy seeds in the region and the Opium trade with China.


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  • 03Dhabhai Kund

    Dhabhai Kund

    The Dhabhai Kund, which is famous for its fascinating geometric construction, was built in the 16th century and is located near the Raniji-ki-Baori. It is a step well which was built to provide water to those regions of Rajasthan which were hit by drought. It is famous for its beautiful carvings and murals. A couple of step wells are also located outside the Chauhan Gate which are known as the Nagar Sagar.


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  • 04Sukh Mahal

    Sukh Mahal

    Sukh Mahal is located on the banks of the Jait Sagar Lake and was constructed by Ummed Singh. It served as a residence to Rudyard Kipling and inspired him to write the famous book “Kim”. It has now been converted into an irrigation rest house. On the second floor of the Sukh Mahal, a white marble chhatri or umbrella is placed. There are about 66 cenotaphs present here, which are famous for their cream-coloured marble friezes.

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  • 05Talwas Fort

    Talwas Fort

    Talwas Fort is a must-see attraction in Bundi. This magnificent fort built by Ajit Singh is located near the Ramgarh Sanctuary. The Dhooleshwar Mahadev Shiva temple is located near this fort. A waterfall at Talwas has made this place a hotspot for tourists from all over India.

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  • 06Step Wells

    Step Wells

    Step wells, also known as baoris, are widely popular in Bundi and tourists visiting Bundi should check them out for once. These Step Wells served as water reservoirs during the summer season when there was a shortage of drinking water.

    There were around fifty Step Wells in Bundi, but most of them have been destroyed with time. Raniji-ki-Baori, Nagar Sagar Kund and Nawal Sagar are some famous Step Wells in Bundi. Drawing water from these wells was like a special occasion for the women folk back then. They dressed in their best clothes just to visit these exquisitely carved structures.

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  • 07Bhoraji-ka-kund


    Bhoraji-ka-kund is a popular step well built during the 16th century. The word “kund” means tank. The baoris (step wells) served as sources of water for the drought hit areas of Bundi during summers. Bhoraji-ka-Kund attracts a large number of birds during the monsoon season.


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  • 08Kshar Bagh

    Kshar Bagh

    Kshar Bagh is an old, yet beautiful garden located near the Shikar Burj. Various commemorative memorials of the previous rulers of Bundi are placed in this garden. The typical features of Rajasthan, especially its majestic architecture, are portrayed in these plaques. The garden is not open for visitors and one has to seek permission from the government authorities, prior to visiting this garden.

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  • 09Phool Sagar

    Phool Sagar

    Phool Sagar is a very well planned structure lying to the west of Bundi. Maharaja Bahadur Singh started its construction in 1945; however it could never be finished. The palace is still in its incomplete state and is not open for visitors.

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  • 10Chitrashala


    Chitrashala, popularly known as Ummed Mahal is an 18th century structure which lies inside the Garh Palace. The fascinating pavilion of the beautiful structure showcases the famous artworks from the Bundi School of miniature paintings. The walls of Chitrashala have paintings that depict scenes from Ragmala and Ras Lila stories.


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  • 11Phool Sagar Lake

    Phool Sagar Lake

    Phool Sagar Lake is present in Phool Mahal lying in the western side of Bundi. A large number of migratory birds come here during the winter season. It is for this reason that the lake is visited by a large number of people during the months of November to February every year.

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  • 12Indragarh Fort

    The Indragarh Fort, built by Indrasal Singh Hada in the 17th century, is located at a distance of about 77 km from Bundi. The fort lies near a mountain and has a unique structure with four gates and colossal walls. There are three palaces inside this beautiful fort namely - Janana Mahal, Supari Mahal and Hawa Mahal. All the mahals have praiseworthy wall paintings. The temples of Kamleshwar and Goddess Kali are very near to the Indragarh Fort.

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  • 13Dugari


    Dugari is famous for its beautiful Kanak Sagar Lake and is located close to Bundi. The lake attracts migratory birds in large numbers during the winter season. A small fort, famous for Bundi style paintings, stands on the banks of this lake. The tales of Ras Lila between Radha and Krishna are depicted by these paintings.


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  • 14Moti Mahal

    Moti Mahal is a royal apartment of the fort having a gorgeous ceiling which is decorated with mirror works. Selected stones along with 80 pounds of gold were used to create this beautiful palace.

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  • 15Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary

    Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary

    Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 15 km from Bundi and lies on the Bundi–Nainwa Road. It houses flora and fauna of various kinds. Leopard, Sambar, Wild boar, Chinkara, Sloth bear, Indian Wolf, Hyena, Jackal and Fox can be seen at this sanctuary. It was founded in 1982 and has an area of 252.79 sq km.

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